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Hambleton has formed associations with a number of selected specialist organisations.  In combining our individual strengths and expertise, Hambleton and its associates together provide unique integrated services specifically designed to safeguard the interests of clients in particular industry sectors.


David Wignall Associates (DWA) is a specialist consultancy serving the international maritime industry - advising owners, operators and investors in connection with the development and operation of ports, terminals, shipping activities and related logistics worldwide.


DWA is committed to improving the quality and capability of marine infrastructure to ensure that it provides the greatest possible economic benefit to the communities it serves, whilst optimising its environmental and social impact.

Together, Hambleton and DWA provide bespoke fully integrated technical and commercial services to the international maritime industry, including:

  • Assessment and dissipation of project risk

  • Preparation and defence of contractual claims; and

  • Dispute management, expert witness and litigation support services


The Seaport Group (Seaport) combines the professionalism of management consultants with the skills and experience of senior port professionals, including port managers, economists, port civil engineers, operations specialists and safety experts.


Seaport Consultants Asia offers a range of services focused on helping you with all your port development and management needs from feasibility stage, through initial financing, construction and operation, including:

  • Advisory and finance services

  • Training and management support

  • Disputes and claims

  • Business development and feasibility studies

  • Regulatory and legal advice

  • Planning engineering and project implementation

Together, Hambleton and Seaport provide a fully integrated technical and commercial service for the development of project procurement strategies and related documentation in connection with the development of new ports and major expansion plans for existing facilities.

TankEdge Consultancy Logo.jpg

TankEdge Consultancy (TankEdge) provides expert advice and management services to companies in connection with their capital investment decisions and daily operations in the downstream oil & gas and petrochemical industries, as well as the renewable energy sector.


TankEdge offers a wide range of services, including:

  • General management and terminal operation

  • Change management and company restructuring

  • Conceptual terminal architecture - balancing owner’s vision, engineering and permit needs, operational requirements, productivity and economic excellence

  • Converting client’s requirements into specific engineering and project solutions

  • Reviewing design proposals from a value engineering perspective

Supporting clients in the redevelopment of their fossil energy assets as part of the transition towards renewable energy carriers (e.g. green synthetic gas, hydrogen, ammonia and methanol).

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