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From its offices in the United Kingdom and Canada, Hambleton provides a range of services specifically aimed at minimising its client’s exposure to risk and additional costs, while maximising the potential opportunities inherent in the particular contracting arrangements.

Hambleton’s wealth of experience in dealing with project commercial issues provides a solid platform for the identification and implementation of optimum strategies for dealing with potential or emerging problems efficiently and economically - and the wide range of skills at its disposal ensure that Hambleton is able to deploy resources tailored to suit the particular assignment.

Our core Services comprise:

Project risk management & pre-contract advice

Risk Management.jpg

Risk Management is essential to effective project planning and containment of project delays and budgetary overspend, and significant cost savings and other benefits in risk mitigation can be realised for a relatively small investment at project outset.

Hambleton’s services limit the scope for contentious issues and contractual claims to arise, and include:

  • Assessment of inherent project, commercial, contractual and other risks, and the evaluation and implementation of appropriate mitigation measures;

  • Advice on procurement strategies and the prudent and economic allocation and dissipation of risk, taking into account the client’s primary goals, in-house expertise and risk appetite;

  • Review and analysis of proposed contractual arrangements in order to ensure that the intended allocation of risk will be achieved; and

  • Review or assistance in the preparation of project programmes and in setting up systems to monitor and manage time change; and

  • Assistance in the selection of an appropriate 'standard' contract form for a particular application or, where applicable, formulation and development of 'tailor-made' contract conditions and 'in-house’ standard documentation.

Project commercial management

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The right personnel are not always available for deployment on a particular project at the required time, and Hambleton provides a range of commercial management services aimed at relieving pressures on its client’s resource capacity during project implementation, including:

  • Staff augmentation of client commercial teams;

  • Project monitoring and periodic commercial audit to identify emerging risks and advising on prospective action towards risk dissipation;

  • Advice on the management, containment and resolution of commercial and contractual problems and assistance in preparing key related correspondence, records and other documentation;

  • Review or assistance in the preparation of project programmes and in setting up systems to monitor and manage time change; and

  • Preparation, presentation and settlement of final accounts.

Claim strategies, preparation & defence

Strategic Thinking.jpg

Hambleton’s experience in dealing with varied and complex claims allows us to quickly assimilate the key facts, identify the optimum strategy for development or defence of a claim, and to develop robust and persuasive submissions to support the drafting of pleadings.


The effective management of claims requires a thorough understanding of the contract documents, the parties’ contracted obligations and the factual matrix (underpinned by reliable project records).  Hambleton’s understanding of these core elements provides a solid basis on which to form an objective review of claim entitlement and of likely settlement levels, made against the background of practical commercial considerations.

Analysis of project delays

Delay Analysis.jpg

Hambleton provides experienced forensic investigation and analysis of delay causation and impact.

We quickly identify the optimum method of analysis open to us (in view of available programmes and project records) and select the format for illustration of delay extent and causation best suited to the intended recipient or format of proceedings.

Expert Witness services

Expert Witness Services.jpg

Hambleton provides forensic analysis of delay and quantification of cost, and our Directors are regularly engaged as Expert Witnesses in respect of such matters in connection with a broad range of major international projects.  They have submitted written evidence and undergone cross-examination in litigation, arbitration and adjudication proceedings in various jurisdictions.

Expert Witness sourcing

From our first-hand experience in the field we have gained a thorough understanding of the attributes required of a competent and credible Expert Witness.  This knowledge -together with our extensive network of industry contacts - makes Hambleton ideally placed to assist in sourcing the right Expert for almost any construction-related matter.

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